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Software Requirements Specification for Library Management System Table of Contents:
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose 
1.2 Scope of Product 
1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations 
1.4 References 
1.5 Overview
2.0 General Description
2.1 Product Perspective 
2.2 Product Functions 
2.3  User Characteristics 
2.4 General Constraints 
2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies
3.0  Specific Requirements
3.1  Functional Requirements
3.1.1  User Interface  Library user account manage system  Book borrowing system  Book recall system  Search book record
3.1.2  Data Entry  Library user account manage system  Book borrowing system  Book recall system  Search book record Update book database
3.1.3  Report Generation
3.2 Performance Requirements 
3.3 Design Constraints 
3.4 Security Requirements 
3.5 Reliability

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
This is the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for the Library Management System.  The purpose of this document is to convey information about the application's requirements, both functional and non-functional, to the reader.  This document provides (a) a description of the environment in which the application is expected to operate, (b) a definition of the application's capabilities, and (c) a specification of the application's functional and nonfunctional requirements. The document is intended to serve several groups of audiences: * First, it is anticipated that the SRS will be used by the application designers.  Designers will use the information recorded here as the basis for creating the application's design. * Second, the client for the project, the library manager in our case, is expected to review this document.  The SRS will serve to establish a basis for agreement between the client and development team about the functionality to be provided by the application. * Third, the application maintainers will review the document to clarity their understanding of what the application does. * Fourth, test planners will use this document to derive test plans and test cases. * Finally, the project manager will use this document during project planning and monitoring.  

1.2 Scope of Product
The purpose of this software development project is to create a new application called: Library Management System.  The client for this project wishes to enter the PC-based LAN environment.  The Library Management System will be PC-base with a LAN, allowing library users to search for books and library staff members to manage the book inventory and user database.  The application will provide the following capabilities:  The application will be access via a LAN on a PC terminal in the Library  Library staff will be able to manage library user accounts including remove, change, and add.  Library staff will be able to manage the book inventory database including remove, change, and add.  The application will record all books that are checked out, checked in, and recalled.  The application will generate reports for administrative purposes.  The application will provide search function on books based on ISBN, subject, title, or author. The project's client has determined that this application will provide the following benefits:  Provide additional flexibility and convenience to the library users.  Provide better reliability and security of the library information.  Provide a more productive environment for the library staff member.  Reduce the cost of the library operations.

1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations
SRS - Software Requirements Specification. 
PC -  Personal Computer. 
LAN - Local Area Network. 
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. 
ISBN - International Standardized Bin Number.
1.4 References
1. Merlin Dorfman, Richard H. Thayer, "Standards, Guidelines, and Examples on System and software Requirements Engineering", IEEE,...
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