Library Management System

Topics: Montessori method, Maria Montessori, Books Pages: 28 (3321 words) Published: October 17, 2011


A Special Problem Presented to the
Faculty of the College of Sciences
Palawan State University
In Partial Fulfilment of the
Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Maghanoy, Noren Reggie King
Laurel, Lady Lou A.
October 2011

I. Introduction
1. Background of the Study3
2. Objectives5
3. Statement of the Problem5
4. Significance of the Study6
5. Scope and Delimitation7
II. Theoretical Framework
1. Review of Related Literature8
2. Previous Works9
3. Description of the Existing System13
4. Conceptual Framework14
5. Definition of Terms15
III. Project Description
1. Functions SPECIFICATION16
1. Functions Performed17
2. Research Design20
3. User Interface Design21
4. System Data files26
2. Design Specification
1. System Data Flow Diagram27
2. System Structure Chart33
3. System Data Dictionary34
4. Equipment Configuration40
5. Implementation Languages41




The first S.V. Montessori in the Philippines was established in 1993 in Imus Cavite and its branch in Puerto Princesa was launched in 2008.It is located at Groundfloor, PPC Coliseum, Barangay San Pedro.

S.V. Montessori is a dynamic institution that is using an educational approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori (August 31,1870 - May 6,1952),She is the first female physician in Italy, an Italian educator, scientist, physician, philosopher, devout Catholic, feminist, and humanitarian,and is best known for developing the Montessori method of teaching young children. Montessori education is practiced in an estimated 20,000 Schools worldwide, serving children from birth to 18 old.

And since the branch is a Filipino School, the approach is committed to the task of upholding and preserving the Filipino Heritage; developing values and contributing to the fulfilment of the national development goals within the Christian context.S.V. Montessori also believes that parents and the School are partners, with the same goal of enabling the child to develop fully and positively his/her potential.

There are around five hundred books in the library. Including the books for computer science, information and general works, Philosophy and Psychology, Religion, Social Science, Language, Science, Technology and applied Science ,Arts and recreation, Literature, History, Geography And Biography.

This institution also maintains a stable valuesystem of self-discipline and leadership which is conservative yet adaptive to modernization.


To keep pace with the modernization there should be room for improvement in the field of information technology. Nowadays, schools and companies shift from manual to computerized primarily because of advantages brought by the use of computers.

To monitor the integration of different operation. It would be convenient for S.V. Montessori to store information fast and accurately. Furthermore, there would be consistent operation and procedures.


Library System throughout has relied on pens and papers. Problem such as missing of books arise. Under the old manual library systems, it takes up too much time to trace the missing books.

The proponents would like to develop the library system to address the problem of


This study will be a significant endeavor in promoting good educational environment in the school place and motivations of its teachers. This study will also be beneficial to the students and instructors in educational management, teaching strategies when they employ effective learning in their classroom setting particularly in different concepts related to the use of effective library management system. By understanding the...
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