Library Management System

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1 Introduction

The innovative timetabling of school management system will serve to create a better way of making and publishing the timetable. The system will coordinate lecturers, students, rooms and timeslots. There will be a change of the delivery of timetable of both lecturers and students. .It will replace the current manual system. Timetables will be assessed in real time by both students and lecturers. Timetables will be based on shifts and period times. This project will make life easier for this staff and students because it will make timetables to be easily searched for. A timetable is a list or table of events arranged according to the time when they take place; schedule (Farlex 2012).

The timetabling system will not replace the old way but also will introduce some features which may be necessary to both lecturers and students. These features will be made user friendly so that users do not encounter difficulties in navigating the system.

2 Background

Linton University is a part of Legenda Education group which comprises of four more others namely Pertama Institute of technology, Jati Institute, and Institute of Medical science. The group commenced its operations with the establishment of group of Kolej Legenda. It was founded in 1998. It is located in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia. They are currently using a manual timetabling system. My motivation to do this project is to improve the timetabling system. The current system used is a manual one which is involves students and lecturers having hard copy timetables which are subject to change and public holidays, assignment submission and exam dates are not included.

3 Problem Statement

The current manual system is not ideal especially in a world where most people are well vested with technology. It is time consuming to prepare and distribute the timetable manually; these results in people missing their classes. Also manually making of timetables does not produce accurate timetables. There is a problem of too much paper work since everything is written down manually in paper. There is also a problem of inconsistence. Students normally miss classes if they do not get informed well in time, so the new system will eliminate this by letting students know unlike the manual way of having to collect a timetable. The system will also eliminate the problem of students having to go to class and yet the class is cancelled or postponed. The development of an automated timetabling of school management system aims to reducing the workload of the lectures and administrators, by easing the act of storing and securing of student`s records and also searching of the timetable is made faster and easier.Creating an automated centralized database is a way to deal with the gigantic amount of data stored as information related to the students or lecturers.

The system allows users students to search for any announcements posted by the administrator and availability of a class/lesson from the website hence maximizing the security to the student`s information. Once the user is registered as a student he/she can have access to the automated registration system and with that he/she can modify his/her account, register, print registration form and print the time table. One is also in a position to make acquisitions accordingly, in addition to speeding up the process of accessing student`s files, registration forms and can make modifications to the timetable easily at any time

4 Project Aim

To change delivery of timetables for both lecturers and students. The system will replace of delivery of the current manual system .Timetable tables for both students and lecturers will be posted on a portal by the administrator. The new system will schedule timetable quickly and accurately, so basically it will save time

5 Project Objectives


a) To review the current manual system –the current system...
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