Library Management System

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Chapter 1


Background of the study

If you happen to be a bookworm or an avid reader, then the library is your favourite place in school. Loshin, P. (2005) stated that library is a room where different collection of books are kept and as well as a collection of literary documents or records kept for reference and borrowing. It is also a depository built to contain books and other material for reading and study. Every school has a library; it could be a building or a room that is dedicated solely in preserving the thoughts and ideas of the writers and composers of the world. The shelves in this building are lines with books after books, arranged by genre and author, waiting for someone to wander in and gobble up the words in a manner that could only fill each reader with sheer joy and contentment.

Finding a book is not just pulling out the books anywhere in the library, no one would be able to find anything, obviously, they need to be organized. Traditionally public schools are using with an organizing system that has become known as the Dewey Decimal System (DDC). According to the book Grolier Encyclopaedia, Dewey Decimal System categorizes books on library shelves in a repeatable order that makes it easy to find any book and return to its proper place on the library shelves. DDC is the most common system use in almost all public and school libraries.

Library Management System (LMS), Ed Young (2009), is a system usually involving a database and a front end graphical user interface (GUI) that keeps track of books in a library environment. Each borrower and item has unique numbers which track their usage through the system. It also brings information to the user’s desktop through integration across all modules. It includes areas such as issuing and returning of books, classification of materials, and student's console using various techniques. It caters easier access to information like management reports and stock etc, as well as more accurate and faster results.

The Chicago Public Library is the public library system that serves in Chicago, Illinois wherein it consists of 79 branches, including a central library, 2 regional libraries and branches throughout the city. It is the second largest library in the United States. The University of Alberta in Canada which now has one of the largest research library systems in North America. With these large scale of books in a library, they need to be organized. Both institutions are using Library Management System to organize and to maintain every record.

In the Philippines, Siliman University in Dumaguete City, has already a Library Management System that caters accurate, efficient, improved operations and accessibility in the process of cataloguing, it eliminate the problems encountered by the librarian and staff in terms of managing and organizing the records. ( In Panpacific University of North Philippines, Tayug Campus, is also using e-library. It was build to have efficient information on different books from toddlers to college levels. it was created by the 4th year Computer Science students batch 2010.

Juan C. Laya National High School is the largest public high school in San Manuel, Pangasinan which is established 1977. At present, the school is known for its good quality of learning rendered to the student. Availability of needed resources and facilities, such as library, is one of the responsibilities of the school. The school library is using Dewey Decimal System in organizing of books and is still using manual processes in transactions such as book borrowing, cataloguing, inventory of materials and in the computation of fines and penalties. With the current situation the records can be misplaced or can be accidentally damaged which will result to the loss of important library records. The librarian is having hard time creating library reports since it is...
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