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I would thank all my colleagues who have cooperated fully with me in this field Other thanks to all my lecturers of my course at the University for proving me knowledge about information systems and the course coordinator Mr. Samweli Mwapwele for providing me a report writing guide and also a my Lecturer.

The report is about my field and more it is describing where, what and how the field was conducted. My field was contacted at Immigration Tunduma Tanzania and my work place i.e. I’m currently working as one of the immigration officers. As this center is dealing with migration it uses information system and thus it was relevant for me to practice some information system activities taking place over there in relation to my course of study (MIS) at Teofilo Kisanji University. Introduction

My field took place at Zambia-Tanzania Border Immigration Tunduma 100km away from Mbeya-City. The center has thirty (30) Employees including my self. Its address is P. O. Box 34 Tunduma – Mbeya Tanzania. The history of Immigration Services in Tanzania is a three- fold account, dating back from the pre-independence period, the post independence period and the period after the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964. PRE-INDEPENDENCE

During this era, Immigration services were rendered for the interest of colonial masters. Some of the laws were not applicable to Africans. Under German domination, Tanganyika had no coded laws to regulate Immigration issues. It was in 1924 during the British era, when various pieces of legislations were enacted to regulate matters pertaining to Immigration. The first Immigration legislation was known as Immigration Ordinance (cap 37) of 1924. This Ordinance was replaced by (The Emergency Laws Transitional Provisions) Ordinance of 1946. The Emergency Laws Transitional Provisions Ordinance 1946 was repealed and replaced by the Immigration Control Ordinance, 1948. POST - INDEPENDENCE

After the attainment of independence, Tanganyika adopted the existing British laws and regulations. Immigration services were determined by the Immigration Ordinance 1961. In 1963, the Parliament of Tanganyika enacted the Immigration Act No. 41 of 1963. This was made to regulate immigration matters within an independent Tanganyika and remained in force until its repeal and replacement by the 1972 legislation. AFTER THE UNION

After the union Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar continued to apply different citizenship laws, until when the new law was enacted, that is The Tanzania Citizenship Act No. 6 of 1995 which commenced on 01/02/1998 and its regulation of 1997. FUNCTIONS OF THE IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT

The main functions of Immigration Department are; 1. To ensure National security is highly observed and maintained. 2. To facilitate entry, exit and stay of all Immigrants and/or Emigrants with a view to promoting Investments and Tourism for National Socio-economic Development. 3. To facilitate exit and entry of Citizens traveling abroad for both private and public affairs. 4. To conduct patrols and apprehend the undesirables for expulsion or other possible legal measures and 5. To issue citizenship and other Immigration documents to Immigrants like Investors, Tourists, Experts, Missionaries, Students, Researchers and Others. Description

In relation to my course of study I have studied and understood Networking, Database, Analysis, Designing and Management of information systems as explained by each part below; Networking;
On this part I have learn how to configure computer networks wireless and wired network in such a way that computers can be able to communicate each other and hence share recourses as they are connected together. Under this topic also I have learn different types of network depending on; Topology (Star, ring, bus and or combination of all types “hybrid”), Architecture where there is peer-peer and Client/Server architecture. And the...
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