Library Management

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Library Management

The creation of library management is crucial for any type of libraries that wish to work effectively in the ever changing environments. With elements like worker efficiency, introduction of technology, and the changes of cultural environment managers are always looking for ways to create an efficient environment for their workers as well as those they serve. When it comes to management systems, there are two different types that are examined in this paper. These type models include the Luther Gulick’s POSDCORB, as well as the Mintzberg’s managerial model. While examine these models, there was also comparison done to current library management. Are these two models still in use, or has the uses of these models no longer validated.

Chosen Management models
Over the years, a number of management theories have been created to address the issues of the ever changing society. These theories have not have originated through library purposes, however library scholars have found these theories quite useful. In this following paragraphs both Gulick’s organizational administrative model and Mintzberg’s managerial roles are examined. The origins of these models are discussed as well as the use of them in library management.


Gulick’s organization administrative model was created at early stages of the scientific approach used to establish management theories. It was during the classical and organization and systems movement that management theories took more of an administrative approach. This approach first led to the creation of the classical movement and leading scholar and founder of the movement Henry Fayol, who believed that for management to be successful, it depended more on their function of management skill, than their technical one (Howard, 1940). When it came to the organization and systems movement, Luther Gulick was model was built on the foundation of Henry Fayol’s, 14 principles of administration, when creating the organizational administrative model that is known today. Both used the scientific approach to management as well as the usage of an administrative model, top-bottom hierarchy, internal and external conflict. By adding the organization element into his model, Gulick was able to create a model that not only provides guidelines for managers but takes into account the element of human emotions. Gulick’s concept was first used in the public administrative area, while he was appointed by President Roosevelt to be on the President’s Committee on Administrative Management (PCAM) (Fitch, 1990). It was during his time in PCAM, which Gulick created the “Notes on the theory of organization”, later used in his infamous book, Paper of Science of Administration, which would revolutionize not just President Roosevelt executive branch but management theory as we know it. It was in the article, Notes of the theory of organization, POSDCORB was first established. (See Appendix A for POSDCORB description)

Even though this concept was first used in the public administration it was not before long that this concept was adapted to the management of library systems.


Participant and Methodology Chosen
To search for the perfect candidate for this study many factors were taken into consideration. One of the major requirements was that the candidate had to be an actual manager and be in charge of employees other than themselves. It was also decided that manger chosen had to have MLIS (Masters on Library information Science), which would provide more authority and legitimacy for any actions they take.

The manager that was chosen for this examination was the children’s/reference librarian of the Nueces County Keach Family Library. Laura Chapa was considered the perfect candidate for a number of reasons. The public library that Ms. Chapa worked at was a small library that included a small number of workers. Also the examinee had easy access for observation; since...
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