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Related literature of Library system

Now days, in a highly technological society, human productivity is made more efficient through the development of electronic gadgets. Now, with the advent of such modernization in education, one way to globalize the process of research is to realized that technology is advancing at an incredibly fast pace. Computers are not confined to being used for entertainment but its role in education is also vast. Library is derived from the old French “libraries” which means “a collection of book”. Reading material in a school are stored in libraries. Library is place in which books and related materials are kept for use but not for sale. It is also organized for use and maintained by a public body, an institution or a private individual. In addition, it is a place in which we get information in any format and from many sources. The librarian has to keep the room neat so that it is conducive for learning. The librarian is also the person who is liable for monitoring all the books that are borrowed and returned by the borrowers.     This project is concerned with developing a Library Inventory Management System using object oriented programming.   In this system the library management becomes more efficient and easier to   handle with its reliable system components.   Many Library System are operated manually by group of people.   In   such situations many people in the process of managing the library such away that to keep records regarding to students or barrowers, check the books normally, keep records on issued books etc.   The proponents use the visual basic as a basic programming language in a developing the system.   Macromedia Flash will also be used for the design of the system.

Related literature of Computerized Library system
A library computer system is the software used to catalog, track circulation (where appropriate) and inventory a library's assets. It is intended for home, church, private enterprise or other small...
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