Liberation Theology

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  • Published : April 15, 2011
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Jeremy Partin
I.Title Page
II.Thesis Page
Liberation theology in Latin America was first introduced in the late 1960’s, although it became famous after the writing of Gustavo Gutierrez. The roots of liberation theology can be traced back to Europe because Catholic priests were sent there to go to school. It was there where they became radicalized and sent back to Latin America. This radicalization led many to start thinking differently, including Gutierrez. He and others wanted to be independent from the usual European Catholic style. They wanted to create their own theology for their culture. They believed that they should have their own institution to teach their own beliefs to their own people. With these new ideas came a new social change.

With the introduction of liberation theology came opposition from the Catholic Church as well, especially from Pope John Paul II. He insisted “liberation didn’t come from theology, but from the gospel. ” Because liberation theology can lead to Marxism, John Paul II warns priests of the dangers of Marxism. There was much opposition to liberation theology because it led to the thinking of Marxism, which in turn would destroy the church. IV.Thesis

The ideas of liberation theology helped change Latin American beliefs, and thus created a stronger Catholic Church. V.

A.What is liberation theology?
1.Emergence of Liberation Theology, Christian Smith states “a theology and a movement.” Pp. 29-50 B.Repression against the Catholic Church.
1.Table 9.1, Emergence of Liberation Theology.
2.Different groups killed, arrested, threatened, and disappeared. C.Destructive to church
1.Faults in Christianity led to movement.
D.Response from Catholic Church.
1.Pope John Paul II- against theology
Salvation and Liberation, Leonardo and Clodovis Boff
2.Agreed with social injustice
E.Effect of liberation theology
1.Gutierrez interview about liberation theology
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