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Liberalism is in the United States positively affects today's society. Liberalism generally favors liberty and equality. There are two specific types of liberalism, classical and modern. Classical liberalism believes in the philosophy of individuals and self-responsibility, where the economy is based on supply and demand rather than relying on government intervention. Modern liberalism believes in government social programs, progressive taxation, and a broad range of rights. Liberalism today in the Unites States generally refers to modern liberalism. Examples of modern liberalism in the Unites States refer to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and Lyndon Baines Johnson’s “Great Society”. Modern liberalism is a positive influence on today’s society as evidenced through current economic, social, and efforts to expand on individual rights in political platforms in the United States. Modern liberalism is linked closely to FDR’s “New Deal”. The “New Deal” consisted of three types of social programs, which were designed to produce “Relief, Recovery, and Reform”. Similarly, President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package mirrors and improves on some of FDR’s social programs. FDR’s social programs helped the United States recover from the Great Depression, which took almost 12 years to recover, and I believe Obama’s programs will eventually solve the current crisis. Unemployment insurance programs first began in FDR’s “New Deal” and Obama has proposed legislation to enhance those programs. Other programs that are relevant in modern liberalism are the regulation of Wall Street and the FDIC insurance for bank deposits. Obama has taken a Keynesian economic approach to stimulate the economy and help rebound from the current economic crisis. The Keynesian theory suggests a state should stimulate growth through creation of jobs, taxation incentives for business, and reduced interest rates. This is a brilliant approach that Obama has chosen for his game...
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