Liberal Education: Is It Really Worth the Time?

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In the working world, there are certain jobs that require pre-established post-secondary specifications in order to become hired with a company or firm. For example, take a nursing major obtaining a liberal education at a four-year college/university and a nursing major earning a two-year degree at a technical school. They teach the same skills needed to graduate with a nursing degree, but the main difference is the presence of a liberal education in the four-year degree, which is useful when one cannot find a job straight out of college. A liberal education requires the student to pay a lot more money than a technical student, but a liberally-educated student will see that their choice to go to college for four years is all worth it in the end. Students with the liberal education will also have very flexible skills that can be used with any job in or outside of their college major. A student should also be aware that obtaining a liberal education will make him or her a more literate person and an employer is more apt to hire an aspiring employee if the employer knows that he or she has been liberally-educated. So, ultimately, a liberal education is HIGHLY practical to obtain and students who make this decision will be glad that they did in the future.

With the high number of students that are earning a liberal education degree, some researchers see it as a way for college graduates to use liberal education as "a luxury rather than a necessity" (Humphreys 6); but these college graduates will learn that spending thousands of dollars on a liberal education will really pay off in the end for their selves and for their country. It is a brilliant idea for these graduates to possess these exchangeable abilities because the most popular majors will eventually come to a stand-still or become overtaken by another in-demand major, making liberal education a smart thing to acquire.

It may seem like a specified professional degree given at a technical school has an...
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