Liberal Brainwashing

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  • Published : April 26, 2007
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What is learned as a child stays with you for the rest of your life. We have given teaches the awesome responsibility of molding our young. They take a head full of mush and fill it with facts (Limbaugh). Do we want them to impart their political agendas on our vulnerable children? I think not!!! Studies have shown that most teachers have very definite liberal leanings. They often show that bias in the classroom. If there is one thing that my mother has told me is that direct omission is a lie, and if you are going to present your liberal views then you must also present the conservative rebuttal. However, this is not what is happening is today's schools. In fact, teachers often give lower grades for writings that do not agree with their points of view. This incursion of liberal views occurs from kindergarten, to the elementary school, to the middle school, to the high school, and even to the college campuses. Most students spend in excess of 6 hours per day in school, 180 days a year. That is greater than 6,5 00 hours of their lives, just in elementary school. Add high school and that amount doubles. That is a lot of time and a lot of power given over to teachers. Some of them abuse it. Let me show you what I mean, by giving just a few examples.

Liberal teachers have invaded our school system in the elementary and middle schools. For instance, a Michigan school district gave the third grade class a prompt stating, "The Frank Allis third grade will be writing letters to encourage an end to the war in Iraq. The letter writing will teach civic responsibility, a social studies standard, while providing an authentic opportunity to improve composition skills and handwriting." (Madison Freedom Fighters) They gave no option for those that opposed. In fact, the letter went on to declare that "If the war has not ended by the 12th day [of the letter writing campaign] we will start the whole sequence over again, writing to students in...
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