Liars: Lie and Convenience Liar

Topics: Lie, Truth, Reality Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: October 29, 2010
Liars Classification

Liars are people who give false information; people who stray away from the truth. From a young age, most people are told that lying is a dishonest action. But as people grow older, lying becomes a “get out jail free card.” Some people lie because they think they have to – and some people lie because they want too. Because there are so many categories of liars, could one say that all liars are not wrong? Before you form an opinion, listen to the facts.

The convenience liar - fairly common. The type of person that liar only when wanting to not do a certain thing or be at a certain place or event. The likeability liar - also very common, this liar always lies to please others, and has other names like "hypocrite" or "butt kisser." The essential liar - a rarer breed of liar. This person doesn't lie often and not to everyone, in fact he/she may have only lied to a small number of people maybe once to thrice times. But, what makes this liar one of the worst out there is that they lie about essentially important details (i.e. your fiancé lied about being straight, your girlfriend lied about having a criminal record, etc).

The amnesia liar - this is the most idiotic of all liars, and can be combined with any of the other types of liars. These liars forget about their lies occasionally, making their lies very easy to find out of. The pathological liar - this liar pops up a new lie more than he blinks. The menstrual cycle liar - Now this liar should be just detained. This is the Essential Liar gone worse. This person first makes an essential lie, then creates more lies to add to it, making it a cycle (hence the name) of a false reality, and the lying may never end, and if it does, it's abrupt, harsh, and someone always comes out with either a slap in the face or a car redecorated with acid.

The pseudo-greatness liar. These are usually extreme losers with no life whatsoever, and their lying is often found in dates. The lies are more about...
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