Liar, Liar Essay

Topics: Lie, Ethics, Law Pages: 4 (1675 words) Published: May 1, 2013

Liar, Liar is a movie produced in 1997 that talks about a lawyer who keeps on lying all the time, either to his friends at work, his wife whom because of lying and his work caused a lot of problems between them that led to a breakup and divorce, and even his little son. One day Fletcher, who plays the role of the lawyer, promised his son Max to be there on his 8th birthday, but of course Fletcher got busy with his work and had to come up with an excuse for his wife and son to miss the birthday. His son Max could see through the excuse and made a wish on his birthday that his father doesn't lie for one day. All you find the next day is that Fletcher stops lying and can't lie for a whole day, which causes him a difficulty in his work being a lawyer who always lie to get through with his profession.

The concept of this movie is lying, it showed us how lying can affect our lives. Lying cost Fletcher his marriage and his relationship with his son and made him lie during his work that he started believing his own lies. People who lie can be caught easily lying and that something not good, Fletcher didn't care about what would happen if he kept on lying. All the lies he used to say and which are mostly white lies became so true to him and he kept going on with his life lying to everyone. "The movie orchestrates one situation after another in which he has to tell the truth. "Do you know why I pulled you over?'' a traffic cop asks. "That depends on how long you were following me,'' Carrey says. In one of the best sequences, he disrupts a meeting at his firm by telling the complete truth about everyone present." (Ebert, 1997) This is what happened to Fletcher after his son made that wish that his dad does not lie for one full day and now Fletcher has to deal with the consequences of not lying where actually he has to lie in the case he has at his work. Talking ethically and morally, lying goes against honesty. If we take some of the theories and compare...
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