Topics: Tax, Effect, Affect Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Apple are being affected by political factors such as direct support, infrastructure and taxation. Direct support has an impact on Apple because it means that they are able to get a loan from the government if they ever need one to perhaps create the next really expensive piece of equipment. This impacts stakeholders because it means if the business (Apple) is not producing enough money it means they might have to make cuts in the businesses, products for example; stop making a certain product. This Also affects McDonalds because it means they can get a loan from the government if they are ever in doubt of making profit, or losing out on money and they just need to get back on their feet, also to buy into more farms in order to create more food for them to sell. This impacts stakeholders because it means that if McDonalds can't generate profits and afford to pay farmers and staff for their franchisees, then they could go into debt, this could lead to closing down stores, and short term profit loss.

Infrastructure has an impact on Apple because its all to do with transport and the internet. Apple need transport in order to ship products to other places in order to sell them, and for their own personal delivery service, if this is not done correctly/on-time it means that many problems can be caused for example; if a product is late for arrival, the customers may lose interest in it, and then the company/Apple has lost a sale. The internet also has an impact on apple because it involves advertising products for people to find out and spread the word to get more people interested. It can effect stakeholders because if the product does not get delivered to the right place or the right time then they will just lose interest in the business, and it could ruin the reputation for Apple. Infrastructure also impacts McDonalds because they need to get their products into the restaurant in order to sell them to customers and make profits. McDonalds also need to internet...
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