Li Po

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Li Po and Tu Fu are extremely great poet's. A critic has said that “Li Po's poetry appears to posses a life or vitality of it's own, and so well is it's art concealed that gives the impression of being quite artless and unpremeditated. Tu Fu's poetry on the other hand is above all serious in purpose and full of deep meaning.” I have to agree with the critic because when I read Li Po's poetry I get a felling that he just lets everything out of his head onto his paper. Tu Fu's poetry seems a lot more in depth into the details and I can relate a lot better with Tu Fu's poetry than Li Po. All in all they are both fantastic writers and I have a lot of respect for them. First lets talk about why I agree with the critic's opinion on Li Po's poetry. It seems as if his poetry is about real life happenings, things that Li Po has encountered in his lifetime. Li Po says in one of his poems “I take off my cap and hang it on a jutting stone” (In the Mountains on a Summer Day, Line 3). It seems like Li Po writes his poetry in chronological order. His poetry also seems as if it isn't thought out beforehand. Li Po says “And the wind, that has come a thousand miles/ Beats at the dade pass battlements” (The moon at the Fortified Pass, Line 4 & 5). This is an example of him writing as he experiences the Chinese soldiers march through China. Li Po says in one of his poems “At fourteen I married My Lord you” (The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter, Line 7). This is an example of his poetry posses life and it is unpremeditated. The second poet I am going to be talking about is Tu Fu. His poetry seems to be somewhat the opposite of Li Po's. Tu Fu's poetry is more serious and full of emotion and meaning. Tu Fu says “The process of nature resemble the business of men/ I stand alone with ten thousand sorrows” (Loneliness, Line 8 & 9). In this poem he talks about everything having a couple and he is alone. He feels depressed and is very sorry for whatever he did wrong. Tu Fu says...
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