Li Ning and the Market

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Advertising Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: September 30, 2011
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Li- Ning: Weekly Country Analysis Report

Even though Li-Ning is a well-known brand in China and recently debuted its flagship store at Orchard Ion this year, the brand name is still unfamiliar to many Singaporeans. There are a couple of reasons to that and we shall look into what are the reasons that might be impeding Li-Ning from becoming a well-known brand in Singapore, what  Li-Ning is doing to become famous as well as recommendations to build up on its image. As mentioned previously, Li-Ning is still foreign to many Singaporeans. Aside from the reason that it is in Singapore for less than a year, there might be other contributing reasons too. Before Li-Ning’s entrance to Singapore, a few sports brands selling badminton and/or sports apparels, namely Yonex and Prince (badminton racquets, and Nike and Adidas (apparels and shoes), have already been well-established here. These brands are household names for Singaporeans and it would be difficult for Li-Ning to compete with them in the short run, at least. At the same time, the badminton racquets which Li-Ning is selling are also priced the same, or more often higher than other brands, like Yonex, are selling. Apart from that, as Li-Ning is a brand originating from China, stereotypes of the majority may associate it with low quality and also, not worth the buy at a high price. All these could well obstruct Li-Ning from building a strong brand name.         Li-Ning basically targets the Professionals, managers, executives and businessmen (PMEBs) and consumers aged between 15 to 40 years old. With a specific target segment it has, Yonex may not be a competitor since each firm has different marketing objectives and directions. To reach out to its targeted segment, Li-Ning selected Orchard Ion as it is a popular spot for Singaporeans and many high-end consumers frequent the area. In line with the pricing strategy it has, Orchard is an opportunity to tap on...
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