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We are planning to launch smart refrigerator in India soon that will have sensors which will read the barcode on whatever is stored in the fridge and will flash its expiry date on the panel," LG Electronics Executive Vice President and CEO, Home Appliances Co, Moon B. Shin http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/vikasindian001-643284-refrigerator/ Dios - capacity of about 800 liters. - luxurious refrigerators- price that lies between Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 2, 50,000 – 2006 – high end product Frost Free - capacity of about 600 liters - between Rs. 20,000 to Rs.60, 000. Direct Cool - The first LG Direct cool refrigerator was put on in the year 2003. - capacity of up to 300 liters - up to Rs. 15,000. – launched in 2004 – starting price 500- mass product – rural strategy

Cute N Cool
LG Digital Auto Defrost Technology
The New Digital Auto Defrost technology is equipped with a microprocessor that senses time & temperature to defrost the refrigerator automatically. The external micom gives an easy access to controls of the refrigerator. The LG Digital Auto Defrost Refrigerator has an Express Ice feature in which ice formation happens 40% faster than the normal ice making time. It enables the customer to over ride the defrosting for urgent ice making. LG Digital Auto Defrost refrigerator ensures a hassle-free experience for customers even at homes where there are frequent and prolonged power cut.



LG India launched the World’s First TV Refrigerator – TV DIOS with a 13-inch hi-definition TFT LCD TV installed at the center of its door. The 600 litres TV DIOS also has a built-in radio tuner providing access to FM stations and is supported by built-in speakers.

It has an astounding silver nano-antibacterial and nano-carbon deodorizing technology which has won LG the ‘KT new technology mark.’ Thus, this refrigerator brings together the best in food preservation and storage with multi-media...
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