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Based in South Korea, LG Electronics (LGE) had a global turnover of US$ 29.9 billion in 2003. LGE has 50 affiliated companies across the globe, with 300 offices and presence in 120 countries. With over 64,000 employees, it focuses on four main businesses - Electronics and Telecommunications, Services, Finance and Chemicals. LGE has 20 R&D centres worldwide and has subsidiaries in 76 countries. Established in 1997, LG Electronics India (LGEI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LG Electronics, South Korea. It is one of the leading companies in consumer electronics, home appliances and computer peripherals in India. It has a turnover of almost US$ 1000 million in India. LGEI’s sales are increasing with a CAGR of 40 per cent over the past five years. LG is the market leader in various segments like colour TVs, microwave ovens, frost-free refrigerators, washing machines and air-conditioners, with market shares of 26.2 per cent, 41.2 per cent, 37.9 per cent, 34.1 per cent and 34 per cent respectively. LG Electronics India received the Occupational Health & Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:1999 certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI), India, for a systematic approach towards Occupational Health and Safety Management System. LGEI exported goods and services worth US$ 40 million in 2003. The major export markets for LGEI are the Middle East, West Africa and Central Asia.

India challenges
The challenges faced by LG when it entered the market in 1995 were: • Low brand awareness about LG in India. • One of the last MNCs to enter India. (Samsung, Sony & Panasonic entered in 1995 & LG in 1997.) • High import duty. • Competition from local players and other multinational companies in the consumer electronics segment • Price sensitiveness of Indian consumers. LGEI has overcome these challenges to emerge as FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES IN INDIA

one of the prominent brands in the Indian consumer electronics and home appliances...
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