LFE Report on Health and Medical Services

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First of all I want to say, we are very delightful to have a special program (Live in a Live in Field Experience) in our university, which is a very enjoying, thoughtful and unique course in Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). We are very grateful to IUB for giving as such a practical experience of the rural life of Bangladesh through the LFE. I really appreciate the host organization Proshika HRDC, Manikganj for giving us such an opportunity to explore the area and for helping and guiding us throughout the course and to for the support of accommodation, food facilities, and security. My special regard goes to Mr. Latiful khabir and Mr. AFM Mainul Ahsan who have supported us and helped us all the way through and took care of all the problems faced by us during the program .Special thanks go to the LFE monitors Rakibul Hasan (Technichal), Shahin Pramanik (Technical), Mahira (Regular) and Moinul Karim (Regular) they were also very cooperative and helpful. All of them have guided us throughout the course session to achieve our success in collecting the data.




Procedure and Methodology
Working Area


The district Manikganj
Proshika HRDC
Health and Medical Services


Diseases and Health Care Services
Village Doctor


Profile of village doctor
Interview review
Upazilla Health Complex, Manikganj


Condition and Services

Page No

1.0 Introduction
The terms Health and Medical services are interrelated to each other and increasingly central to our lives. Bangladesh is a land of hard working souls and the major population of this nation dwells in the rural areas. LFE has been designed to provide a brief knowledge over the living structure and social and economic and also the health condition of the rural areas of Bangladesh. The awareness about health and Medical services are increasing day by day. Like other countries, Bangladesh has a strong commitment to address the health and Medical services issues. Attempts have been made here in this chapter to figure out the population, health and medical service conditions of Purba Para, Golora, Manikganj. A major aim of this report is to formulate the policy-response for achieving development for the village in our point of concerns – “the health and Medical services”. In the past years, the health and Medical service problems were treated separately. But this Trend has changed in the recent years. In most cases, population is seen as an aggregate of Consuming units and putting stress increasingly on the natural resources leads to Environmental degradation. This is why there had been many attempts to explore the interrelationship between population, health and medical services at all conceptual and organization Levels. In reality the interrelationship between population, health and medical services is more Complex and multidimensional. Human beings are not always consumers, they are also Producers and some time they are conservators of nature and environment. The quality and Quantity of the population of a country have inevitable interaction with its natural resources And environment. Considering a field study on a certain village I was required to acquire a rough knowledge about the condition of the people living in the rural areas all over Bangladesh since the assumption is that the villages of Bangladesh are almost alike. Out of around 93000 villages we studied only one village in Manikganj district. The economy of Bangladesh is mostly dependent on the contribution of these villagers and though the air of technology and advancement is blowing over the whole nation we cannot think Bangladesh without villages. Golora, This village is almost like the other villages all around Bangladesh and learning about the village to...
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