Lfe Report, Bangladesh, Bogra(Iub)

Topics: Bazaar, Market, Bangladesh Pages: 10 (1939 words) Published: March 29, 2012
Independent University, Bangladesh



Report on

Rural Market Analysis

(Rural Development Academy, Bogra)

Spring 2012

Submitted by:

Mr. Munawar Khan

ID: 0920363

Group: 24

Letter of Transmittal

Dear Sir

I am pleased to present you the LFE report for “Spring 2012”. It includes all the findings and observation throughout the whole study of Noymaail Bazar, Thana Sherpur, and District Bogra.

This report is provided as required for the fulfillment of this course.

Yours Sincerely

Mr. Munawar Khan

ID: 0920363

March 15, 2012

Table of contents

|Serial No: |Topic |Page No: | |1.0 |Introduction | | |2.0 |Experience | | |3.0 |Methodology | | |4.0 |Rural Market Analysis | | |4.1 |Concept of Haat and Bazar | | |4.2 |Products available in Noymaail Bazar | | |4.3 |Products price | | |4.4 |Services available in Noymaail Bazar | | |4.5 |Transportation | | |4.6 |Product Promotion | | |4.7 |Fake products | | |4.8 |Inward and outward products | | |5.0 |Product distribution channel | | |6.0 |Micro Credit | | |7.0 |conclusion | | |8.0 |Reference | |

1.0 Introduction:

The Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra was established on 19 June, 1974 as a specialized Rural Development Institution for training, research and action research.


It is located at 16 kilometer away from Bogra town by the highway towards Dhaka. The Academy campus covers an area of 48.50 hectares of which 19.00 hectares has been apportioned for office, residence, school & college, playground, children’s park and other establishments. The remaining 29.50 hectares has been earmarked for demonstration farm for undertaking research in farming, horticulture, floriculture, tissue culture, livestock, Poultry etc. The campus has almost all the modern amenities of urban life.

2.0 Experience during LFE in RDA:

LFE is a very unique course which is only offered by IUB. It is a course by which the students can get many practical...
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