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Liivee--iin--Fiieelld Expeerriieenccee ((LFE)) Reeporrtt L v n F d Exp n LFE R po Sprriing 2010 Sp ng 2010 Purrba Dassttapurr((Mondoll Parra)),, Joypurrhatt Pu ba Da apu Mondo Pa a Joypu ha

LFE Spring 2010 Group 11

Liive--iin--Fiielld Experriience (LFE) Reporrtt L ve n F e d Expe ence (LFE) Repo Sprriing 2010 Sp ng 2010 Purrba Dasttapurr ( Mondoll Parra),, Joypurrhatt Pu ba Das apu ( Mondo Pa a) Joypu ha

Prreparred Forr P epa ed Fo Assiisttantt prroffessorr Talliim Hossaiin Ass s an p o esso Ta m Hossa n Schooll off sociiall sciiences and humaniittiies Schoo o soc a sc ences and human es Independentt Uniiverrsiitty,, Banglladesh ((IUB)) Independen Un ve s y Bang adesh IUB

Prreparred By P epa ed By Farrzana Khan Fa zana Khan ID:: 0620061 ID 0620061 Md.. Ashrraffull Allam Bhuyan Md Ash a u A am Bhuyan ID:: 0520124 ID 0520124 Anny Moniika Natth Anny Mon ka Na h ID:: 0720425 ID 0720425 Chondon Kumarr Saha Chondon Kuma Saha ID:: 0620038 ID 0620038 Md.. Naffiiurr Rahman Tiishan Md Na u Rahman T shan ID:: 0530069 ID 0530069

Datte off Submiissiion:: 18ttthh marrch,, 2010 Da e o Subm ss on 18 h ma ch 2010

LFE Spring 2010 Group 11

March 18,2010 Asst. Prof. Talim Hossain School of social science and humanities Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) Baridhara, Dhaka. Sub: Letter of Transmittal for the assigned LFE report, spring 2010 Sir, We, the undersigned, would like to submit herewith the “Live-in-Field Experience (LFE) Report, Spring 2010” for your perusal. Upon completion of LFE study on PURBO DASTAPUR in JOYPURHAT district from January 5, 2010 to January 17, 2010, this report has been prepared. By using the technique called PRA, questionnaire survey, observation, and preparing case stories, we tried our best to learn about the demography, geography, social condition and change, economy and agriculture, the impact of seasonality on various aspects of agriculture, health and environment, and the market and haat serving the needs of the village. The analysis of data gathered from our field survey helped us in understanding the lives of the villagers. We would be glad to clarify any matter whenever you require so. Sincerely yours, Farzana khan

(Group Leader)

ID# 0620061

LFE Spring 2010 Group 11

We convey our honest thanks to our honorable teacher, Assistant Professor Talim Hossain for describing and setting our LFE objectives and also educating and giving guidelines of LFE study. We also express our honest thanks to our teacher; Md. Mahfuzul Islam and Mithila Mahfuz. Our special gratitude to our LFE coordinator, Md. Rajkin Mohsin, supervisor Nahida Begum, for helping to complete our respective LFE study. Without their help, we could not able to complete the LFE study as well as report properly. We are grateful to them for helping us and thank for providing us valuable advice about the LFE study and report. Their overwhelming support helps us to make a complete LFE report. Without the constant help and guidance of our assigned LFE monitors, the study would not have been this thorough. We also owe many thanks TMSS staffs, the most hospitable people. Without the constant help and guidance of our assigned LFE monitors, the study would not have been this thorough. We are grateful to them. Last but not the least, our honest gratitude goes to the inhabitants of Mondol Para, for their warm and hospitable treatment. Without their enthusiastic cooperation, it was not possible to make the study successful.

LFE Spring 2010 Group 11

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