Lexus and Olive Tree

Topics: Capitalism, Globalization, Economics Pages: 4 (1090 words) Published: April 3, 2012
Doscapital 6.0

Country = computer
* Basic shell around the economy = hardware
After collapse of Cold War, the world had the same basic hardware, free market capitalism * Broad macroeconomics policies = operating system
Communist economic operating system = DOScapital 0.0
Hungary = DOScapital 1.0
Shanghai= DOScapital 4.0 (China hinterland = 1.0)
Operating systems based on free markets but have still significant welfare-state components: France, Germany, Japan DOScapital 5.0 Have liberalized their economies and have put on the full Golden Straitjacket: United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United kIngdom. They have DOScapital 6.0 * Legal and regulatory systems = software

third way
Once the 3 democratization came together in the late 80s and blew away all the walls, they also blew away all the major ideological alternatives to free--market capitalism. People can talk about alternatives to the free market and global integration, then can demand alternatives, they can insist on a "third way", but for now none is apparent. From communism to free market

It was revolutionary thinks like Engels, Marx, Lenin and Mussolini, the centrally nondemocratic alternatives offered--communism, socialism and fascism--helped to abort the first era of globalization as they were tested out on the world stage. 104 Thatcher/Reagan

The golden Straitjacket first began to be stitched together and popularized in 1979 by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher--who, as the original seamstress of the Golden Straitjacket, will go down in history as one of the great revolutionaries in the 20th C. It was reinforced by Ronald Reagan, giving the straitjacket and its rules, some real critical mass. It became a global fashion with the end of the Cold War, once the three democratization blew away all the alternative fashions and all the walls that protected them. The Thatcherite-Reaganite revolution came about because popular majorities in these two major...
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