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Lexicography. The problems of lexicography. Types of dictionaries

Lexicography is a branch of applied linguistics that involves compiling, writing, or editing dictionaries

Dictionary is a book that lists the words of a language usually in alphabetical order, gives their meanings or equivalent words in a different language. Divided into 2 big groups- encyclopaedic and linguistic.

Types of dictionaries
* Encyclopedic dictionary- scientific reference books dealing with every branch of knowledge or with 1 particular branch that give info about extra linguistic world, deal with facts and concepts. * Linguistic dictionary- word-books the subject-matter of which is lexical units and their linguistic properties (pronunciation, mean., origin, peculiarities of use and other linguistic info)

Linguistic dictionaries are divided into:
* General dictionary- represents the vocabulary as a whole with a degree of completeness depending upon the scope and the bulk of the book in question. Include frequency dictionaries, rhyming dict., etc

* Restricted dictionary- cover only certain specific part of the voc. Can be subdivided depending on-
1. Whether the words are chosen according to the sphere of human activity in which they are used( register and explain technical terms of for various branches of knowledge- medical, linguistic, economical) 2. Type of the units themselves (deals with specific lg. units- phras.units, sayings, proverbs, borrowings, neologism, abbreviation) 3. Or relations existing between them (contains a formidable array of synonymic dictionaries)

According to the info they provide linguistic dictionaries can be divided into * Specialized dictionary- deal with lexical units in relation to their etymology, frequency, usage, pronunciat. * Explanatory- presents wide range of data, especially with regard to the semantic aspect of the voc. Items entered

According to the lg. of explanation, whether info...
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