Lexical Stylistyc Devices

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|Lexical stylistic devices | |Metaphor |Перенос качества с предмета на предмет; neck, which was a relief map of boil scars; this girl | | |was a lioness. | |Personification |the face of London; the pain of ocean; Geneva, mother of the Red Cross, hostess of | | |humanitarian congresses. | |Metonymy |He drank one more cup; the crown - king, a hand – worker; | |Irony |She turned with the sweet smile of an alligator. | |Zeugma |He lost his hat and his temper. | |Pun |”Have you been seeing any spirits?” “Or taking any?” – added Bob Allen. (The first “spirit” | | |refers to supernatural forces, the second one – to strong drinks) | |Epithet |animal panic; apple - faced man; do - it - yourself attitude; smiling sun; careful attention. | |Oxymoron |low skyscraper, sweet sorrow, pleasantly ugly face, horribly beautiful. | |Antonomasia |I agree with you Mr. Logic; Mr. Owl Eyes. | |Simile |She is like a rose....
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