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  • Published: September 13, 2013
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LEXICAL STRATA IN ENGLISH: Morphological causes, phonological effects



Lexical Strata in English In Lexical Strata in English, Heinz Giegerich investigates the way in which alternations in the sound patterns of words interact with the morphological processes of the language. Drawing on examples from English and German, he uncovers and spells out in detail the principles of ‘lexical morphology and phonology’, a theory that has in recent years become increasingly influential in linguistics. Giegerich questions many of the assumptions made in that theory, overturning some and putting others on a principled footing. What emerges is a new, formally coherent and highly constrained theory of the lexicon – the theory of ‘base-driven stratification’ – which predicts the number of lexical strata from the number of base-category distinctions recognised in the morphology of the language and which, on the phonological side, automatically accounts for the ‘Strict Cyclicity Effect’. Finally, he offers new accounts of some central phenomena in the phonology of English (including vowel ‘reduction’, [r]-sandhi and syllabification), which both support and are uniquely facilitated by the theory of ‘base-driven stratification’.               is Professor of English Linguistics in the Department of English Language at the University of Edinburgh. His books include Metrical Phonology and Phonological Structure (1985) and English Phonology (1992). He has published numerous articles on phonological theory in relation to English and German in journals such as Lingua, Journal of Linguistics, Linguistische Berichte and English Language and Linguistics. In addition, Professor Giegerich has written several short monographs and contributions to edited volumes and encyclopaedias.

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