Lexical Decision Task

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  • Published : June 15, 2011
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Lexical Decision Task2
Lexical decision illustrates the ability to associate other words based on one prime word, such as “Car” to “Wheels”. Research has shown that lexical decisions can be linked to certain disabilities and diseases. This article provides the definition of the lexical decision task as well as its theories. It reports on the experiments that have been done as well as the psychological concepts that were used to explain and support the lexical decision task. The report will also include examples of experiments that were done based on the lexical decision task and also the outcomes.

Lexical Decision Task3
Lexical Decision Task – Theories and Experiments
The lexical decision is a process of the mind which helps us organize our thoughts when a word is introduced. Associating words to a particular word helps us understand the concept of, for example a conversation. If one were to mention the word “computer”, lexical decision finds the words, “keyboard” and “mouse”. Normally, our mind reacts faster to associated words rather than non-associated words as when a word is used; a concept immediately paints a picture linking the word to its surroundings. It is not likely that when one thinks of a ‘mountain’, the next thought would be words like, ‘cup’ or ‘phone’. An experiment is introduced to measure the reaction time between these words.

The lexical decision task (Meyer and Schvaneveldt, 1971) is based on a string of words presented to an individual, who will then be asked to decide whether the word was a “word” or a “non-word”. Participants will normally be place in front of a computer in a controlled environment and will be assigned with two individual keys on the keyboard to be represented with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Words, one at a time, will then appear on the screen and participants will have to decide whether the word is a word or a non-word. At the end of the test, a score will be produced based on reaction times in...
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