Lexi Mercurio

Topics: Jesus, Christianity Pages: 1 (475 words) Published: January 2, 2013
My hero is one you hear of all the time. He is the saviour, my rock, the king, God and so much more. He is my inspiration. The one who I strive to live as. His name is Jesus Christ. I’m sure you hear the saying W.W.J.D all the time, but do you ever take it to heart? I try to. Jesus is the only perfect role model out there. If everyone acted as Jesus did this world would have no stains. People would love one another compassionately and there would be no more sorrows. We would have complete tranquility and our relationship with God would in turn be strengthened. Jesus lived with compassion, faith, strength, joy, empathy, trust, loyalty, courage, selflessness, love and righteousness. Jesus could have easily said no to God. He could have took himself off that cross. He could’ve lived a normal life, He had free will just like we do. But he chose not to. He chose to heal the lepers. He chose to reach out to the hated. He chose to wipe the tears from Mary Magdalenes face. He chose to stick up for the woman who was caught in her wrongdoing when everyone else wanted to put her to death. He chose to wash others feet when He was the only one who deserved it. He chose to reach out to the poor, the sick, the needy, the outcasted, and the sinners. He chose to be the scapegoat of our sins even though He is pure and undeserving. He came down to earth solely to die for us. He was radical. He went against the crowd. He went against the popular decisions to stand up for what He knew was right. He walked a lonely road that led him to a painful death. Jesus was hurt constantly by the people He loved and was dying for. He took the beating that we deserve. He let people spit on him and call him names for no reason. He chose to get nailed to a cross so we can have eternal joy. What more can you ask for out of a person? Jesus wept for us and died for us. His pain and sorrow was a deep as an ocean. There are no words to describe the love He has for us. He still hurts every time we turn...
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