Lewis and clark

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Science—Career essay

A pilot is the person who flies the plane that you are in. He makes sure you have a safe flight by controlling the plane. He sits in a place called a cockpit; the cockpit sits in the front of the plane with all the controls.

How to become a pilot? To become a pilot all you need is a high school diploma. But you have to go to flight school to learn how to fly a plane. But just because it’s an entry level job doesn’t mean you will get hired without a degree. Many pilots get an associates or bachelors degree in aviation. People do this so they can fly commercial planes. The median salary in 2010 was above $90,000. The demand for this job is very high, so it is very likely for you to get a job in this field. Why you should become a pilot? Many pilots chose this career because it is a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. So when choosing this career think about why you want to do this, why do I want to become a pilot, ask yourself these questions to see if this is a career you would want to pursue.

How does this go along with the safety contract? It goes along with the contract by how dangerous this job can be. It’s dangerous because you could be in a life or death situation and you could have to put your life on the line to save the passengers on the plane. Here is a scenario that doesn’t really go along with the safety contract, Your flying the plane an engine blows because of a bird it catches fire you might have fly into a field and you might have to land it in a way that your life will be taken just so the other passengers will still have their lives. Here is a scenario that goes more along with the safety contract, its mid winter the runway is icy you call in mission control to have them tell someone on the ground to get the ice away so the flight won’t be delayed. This ties in with the safety contract with telling the teacher(s) about something that could be hazardous.

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