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Suggested Topics for the Expository Essay
1. Explain differences between today's generation and their parents' generation in terms of _______ 2. Explain the ways in which music affects people.
3. Explain two likely consequences of being computer-illiterate. 4. Explain two reasons computers are becoming increasingly popular. 5. Explain how people's interests might eventually become part of their career plans. 6. Describe two ways computers have affected daily life.

7. Explain two advantages of speaking a second language.
8. Describe two dying customs of _________ .
9. Describe two customs of ________ that have already died.
10. Describe two differences between the ____ and ______ languages. 11. Describe two benefits of setting goals.
12. Describe some of the characteristics of effective leaders. 13. Describe two of the benefits of playing on the football team. 14. Describe two benefits of exercising regularly.
15. Explain how moving from place to place affects people.
16. Explain the consequences of having/selling alcohol on the school campus. 17. Explain the consequences of having a job while at college. 18. Describe some productive ways students can spend their leisure time. 19. Explain how migrating from a rural place to a city might change a person. 20. Describe how English medium instruction in Turkey/in your home country can affect students' life. 21. Explain how Internet technology has affected education in Turkey/in your home country. 22. Explain the reasons computers are becoming increasingly popular. 23. Describe the ways computers have affected your life.

24. Describe the ways music affects your life.
25. Explain how you feel when you listen to your favorite music. 26. Describe the difference between reading a book and watching a movie. 27. Describe how the lack of communication leads to misunderstanding. 28. Describe how student’s laziness lead to poor grades.

29. Advantages OR...
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