Levis' Anti-Fit Range of Jeans: Marketing Strategy

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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The fashion industry at this time; a time of increasing disposable incomes and incidence of recreational shopping, is intensely competitive. We can draw on many examples to highlight the point that; companies who have established a strong and clear brand image, have tended to command a larger market share than those companies who's image is either unfavourable, for example old fashioned, or unattached to specific and clear values. Establishing a strong and

distinguishable brand image for the 'Anti-Fit' range of jeans is the central idea behind Levis marketing strategy for breaking into the competitive market and ultimately gaining a favourable share of the market for designer jeans. Creating the right brand image is largely dependent upon being in tune with the mindsets, beliefs, values and aspirations of the modern, well-informed consumer. Moreover ensuring that the consumer perceives the firm to be in tune with their way of thinking and holding similar values centrally to the Levis brand identity will be the key to ensuring marketing success.

When advertising the 'Anti-Fit' product Levis must ensure that its messages are clear and perceived by the desired audience in the intended manner. Evans, Moutinho and Van Raaij (1996) believe that …"the more we understand about the perceptual process both generally and of the target market concerned, the more we can ensure that the intended receivers of the message will interpret it in the intended manner"… (pp. 55). The notion of branding can have significant effects on consumer's perceptions of product characteristics and attributes. Studies have shown customers can often not tell the differences between the various brands but labels and their associations definitely influenced their evaluations. (Consumer Behaviour G R Foxall) This shows that customers' perceptions of products can derive from marketing effort alone; brand images and brand differentiation can be the consumers' only...
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