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Myra Levine (a major influence in the nursing profession) set out to find a new and effective method for teaching nursing degree students major concepts and patient care. Levine's goal was to provide individualized and responsive patient care, that was less focused on medical procedures, and more on the individual patient's context. The led to the creation of a new nursing theory and approach to patient care.[1]

The main focus of Levine’s Conservation Model is to promote the physical and emotional well being of a patient, by addressing the four areas of conservation she set out. By aiming to address the conservation of energy, structure, and personal and social integrity, Levine's model helps guide nurses in provision of care that will help support the client's health.[2] Though conservation of physical and emotional well being is the most vital part of attaining a successful outcome for patients, two additional concepts, adaptation and wholeness, are also extremely important in a patient's health;

Adaptation- adaptation consists of how a patient adapts to the realities of their new health situation- the better a patient can adapt to changes in health, the better they are able to respond to treatment and care.[2]

Wholeness - the concept of wholeness maintains that a nurse must strive to address the client's external and internal environments. This allows the client to be viewed as a whole person, and not just an illness.[2]

Conservation -the product of adaptation; “Conservation describes the way complex systems are able to continue to function even when severely challenged”.[2] Conservation allows individuals to effectively respond to the changes their body faces, while maintaining their uniqueness as a person.[2]

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