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Topics: Marketing, Levi Strauss & Co., Levi Strauss Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: October 21, 2012
1.) In the year 1873, when Levi Strauss first invested jeans, its target market was comprised merely of individuals who needed to wear durable, extra strong pants when seeking gold. The target market and the marketing techniques changed in many ways over the existence of the brand. Instead of people wanting just wanting a comfortable jean when working they began to want something stylish and that celebrated the history of the product. For today’s market for jeans I would target the male and female demographic from ages 16-24. It said in the case that males and females from ages 20-30 could not recognize the GWG brand and i believe that a new jean with flare and teenage appeal can do very well in the market. For this market segment I would focus my effort on making my jeans Fashion forward, proper fit, cool and the image of the brand. I chose this target market because the clothing market itself is being dominated by these young individuals looking for the next “hip” trend. I believe that these teens have the ability to make their parents buy these products because they may become popular with the acquisition of the coolest jeans. By appealing to the market as a new hip jean you can price jeans for a higher price than the original jeans. I believe that the older demographic 40+ may already be loyal to a particular brand of jeans but the young adult demographic has not been tapped and the ability for growth is massive. 2) I believe for this target market the largest competition is higher class brands mentioned in the case such as Guess and Calvin Klein. These brands appeal to the younger demographic and are known as the popular and premium brand of jean. These are the closest competitor because young adults see movie stars on TV wearing these popular jeans and believe that is they buy these jeans they can emulate there favorite athletes or actors. By gaining access and being known as a stylish and premium brand of jean the new line will appeal to the...
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