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Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world's largest branded apparel companies and the global leader in jeans wear, marketing its products in more than 110 countries worldwide. The company designs and markets jeans, casual wear and related accessories for men, women and children under the Levi's, Dockers San Francisco and Denizen. The company's Asia Pacific Division was established in 1995 in Singapore. It comprises local subsidiary businesses, licensees and distributors selling its products in 39 countries in Asia Pacific and Southern Africa

The Levi's brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. Since their invention by Levi Strauss in 1873, Levi's jeans have become the most recognizable and imitated clothing in the world – capturing the imagination and loyalty of people for generations. Today, the Levi's brand portfolio continues to evolve through a relentless pioneering and innovative spirit that is unparalleled in the apparel industry. Our range of leading jeans wear and accessories are available in more than 110 countries, allowing individuals around the world to express their personal style.

What makes Levis different from others???

There are five things which identifies Levi’s and makes it different from the other brands.

1. Shank Button
2. Arcuate
3. Red Tab
4. Leather Patch
5. Rivet


Shank Button Arcurate

Red Tab Leather Patch


Levi’s is a name which I heard from my childhood, and only name is enough to describe the brand. It is a brand which not only caters the consumers by providing a good product but also giving them special treatment by various ways.

Levi’s as a brand always incorporates creativity and innovation in its products from the first jeans to the water<less jeans and now the jeans made up with consumer waste. With every invention Levi’s moves one step ahead towards the path of sustainability. Its follows a very clean path of philanthropy and towards the planet protection. It reflects in its products and visual merchandising too. Visual merchandising done in Levi’s is economical, minimalistic and effective. Levi’s explores various materials in the VM purpose, in which most of them are biodegradable materials. Most of the thing are re used in some other purposes. Even during the EOSS they remove one communication and stick a patch of other communication on it, which saves materials as well as money.


The name “denim” originated before the 17th century in the town of Nimes, France with the fabric called serge de Nimes. This fabric was also made in England in the late 1600s, but was not the silk and wool blend that had been made in France. It was still called serge de Nimes, but using a zippy French name might have just been clever marketing. By the 18th century the name was now the very English denim, and it was a cotton fabric. When American mills began to make the fabric in the 18th century, the fabric was 100% cotton and was always known as denim, never serge de Nimes. The word first appeared in an American dictionary in 1864. Denim was used for heavy workwear before Levi Strauss & Co. put rivets in denim pants to make the first jeans in 1873 – which is why Levi and his partner Jacob Davis chose denim for their new product. After World War II denim started to be used for leisure wear. In 1956 the magazine American Fabrics put it best: denim was now “an entirely new clothing category: it used to be work clothes but now it's work 'n play clothes.”

The word 'jeans' comes from the French phrase 'bleu de Genes' meaning 'the blue of Genoa'. The denim fabric originated in the French town of Nimes and owes its name to the location, which was quickly known as 'denim' abroad. Spunky Genoese Navy sailors first strutted around...
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