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Levi Strauss & co.
Kristen and Nancy
Levi's is one of the most famous names from the western United States. In 1853, the Jewish youth businessman Levi Strauss to deal with the backlog canvas try to do a number of low waist, straight, Hips tight pants, because of his pants more hardwearing than cotton pants, it's become popular, so he opened a specialized manufacture of canvas overalls companies and the name " Levi's " as a brand, Levi's the myth began. This is brand series have Premium, Type 1, N3BP, Red loop, Lady style, Red tab, Red, "Blue" Levi's, White tab, Silver tab, Orange tab, Live soft, Square top block, Curve ID . Levi's garment set the cowboy clothing research and development, production, information, logistics, sales as a whole, as the leading brand of strategic marketing, business market chain outlets. World mind, global sales of over 3.5 billion, Levi's jeans is not only a fashion trendsetter; it is typical clothing on behalf of the American spirit with distinctive symbolic meaning: "independence", "freedom", "adventure", and “sexy". Customer Value

Levi’s have to creating customer value. When consumer buying a jeans, they obtain a great jeans, good service, relational benefits, and looking good. But consumers spend money, time, energy, and also have psychological costs, for example, lily wants to buy a pair of jeans, so she compares a lot jeans, finally, after half hour, she choose the best one she wants. During this process, she has to think and compare, these are psychological costs. Levi’s have good price and almost consumer can afford it. It is price value. Levi’s jeans have great quality, so consumer willing to buy it. It is performance value. If lily is a loyal customer of Levi’s, she don’t care the service or price, she just love this brand. This is emotional value, but this value is hard to deliver to customers. If Levi’s contact person...
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