Leveraging Interorganizational Integration in the Travel and Tourism Industry

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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SOA and Web Services for Leveraging Inter-
Organizational Integration in Travel and Tourism
Anas Najdawi
eBusiness Management Section, S.S. ISUFI
University of Salento
Lecce, Italy
Abstract—This paper will present a general description of an on going PhD research that belongs to the eTourism research
field. Mainly, this research is concerned with leveraging interorganizational integration for destination management
organizations in the travel and tourism industry by using
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services. Also,
this study aims to find to which limit SOA can be applied in a static or dynamic business federation scenarios, and to which extent it will improve business collaboration and integration between different stakeholders in order to increase

competitiveness and so the economic receipts in tourism
Keywords- destination management organization; Interorganizationsl integrattion; economic leakages; integration
framework; web services; service oriented architecture
The information revolution is drastically reshaping global
society and pushing the world into information based
economy. Increasingly, information and communication
technologies (especially web and internet ones) had played a key role in many industries, over the last years. One of them is the Travel and Tourism industry, which is considered one
of the most important industries that plays a key role in the global economy and employment for both developed and
developing countries [1]. Many Scholars described this
industry as “an intensive information-based industry,” which got in the last years an enormous synergetic effect from
using the web and internet technologies [2] [3].
The general theme for our research tends toward the
eTourism field, which is composed by the intersection
between both computer science and business management in
a way that intends to develop and build a strong travel...
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