Leveraging Cloud Computing for Education System Support - a Case Study of Faculty Feedback System Using Google Apps

Topics: Google, Cloud computing, Google Apps Pages: 8 (2542 words) Published: May 9, 2011
Leveraging Cloud Computing for Education System Support - A Case Study of Faculty Feedback System Using Google Apps Vijayalakshmi Ravi
SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce

Due to the recession last year, cost containment has been a major focus in the education sector. At the same time, there has been a rising demand for cost-effective, robust software applications that will support the education system providing learning and administrative services. This paper speaks about how the deployment of cloud computing enables IT professionals in the education sector to meet these new challenges. Today’s students are more technologically savvy and have a great aptitude to use web based applications. Educators need to efficiently create, store and share learning resources among their peers and students that provide them easy access and are available anywhere, anytime on the web. Apart from teaching, educators also need to manage and monitor the quality of the education delivered in an institution. The system deployed to manage an institution also should have a user friendly interface so that no training is required to use them. Also, the educational institutions are constrained by cost containment and are required to ensure compliance with regulations specially pertaining to security that in turn, can put added strain on their educational infrastructure and staff. The system should have the capability to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the student’s records. Based on the foregoing, Cloud Computing has emerged as the optimal solution to meet the requirements of cost containment, ubiquitous access and real time availability of service with a web based architecture for accessing data securely and providing scalability to meet the growing demand. An education system support based on cloud computing will eventually help in efficiently managing the education system in an institution. This paper explores the possibility of leveraging Cloud computing as a cost effective solution for implementing an education system support. To prove the point, a web based Faculty Feedback system was designed and implemented using Google Apps - a Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) hosted on the Public cloud. This system was implemented at SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce. The study involved exploring the benefits of implementing a Faculty Feedback system and concluding about the objective of leveraging cloud computing for education system support.

Key words: Cloud Computing, PaaS, Education System support, Faculty Feedback System, Google Apps Problem Definition
To develop a cost effective, web based secure system for education system support. This should have a user friendly interface that will be easy to access and will provide the necessary functionality.

Research Methodology
This paper is based on a combination of explorative and experimental research. The explorative part involves exploring the possibility of cloud computing technology to design a cost effective, secure web based system for education system support. The experimental part involves exploring the possibility of implementing cloud computing to achieve the objective. This concept will be applied to design a faculty feedback system and study the benefits of implementing this system.

Cloud Computing
“Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm where data and applications reside in the cyberspace, it allowing users to access their data and information through any web-connected device be it fixed or mobile.“ Source: John B. Horrigan, Use of Cloud Computing Applications & Services, Data memo, PEW Internet & American Life project, September 2008. Cloud computing is a model for delivering Internet-based information and technology services in real time. It allows users to see the services while the infrastructure that delivers these services remains transparent (that is it remains in the cloud) Cloud computing has a...
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