Leveraging Business Opputrinity Through Online Advertising Platform in India

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Pensa: Italian Word which means “Think”
1500+SME Clients
Pensa Media is a Google Adwords - Premier SME Partner in India since January 2011, a leading full service digital marketing company backed by Google India offering a comprehensive bouquet of Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, UI creation and bespoke application development services. Driving on the legacy of E2 Solutions (the 9 year old company serving industry majors with impeccable website design & web application development services); Pensa Media is fully embraced to take industry standards in online marketing services to staggering heights. Pensa Media, believe in the power of experimenting and presenting our valuable patrons with avant-garde services Digital Marketing, though not a new phenomenon, got much of its momentum in the past couple of years, mainly triggered by the never-ending online competition originating from domestic and global markets. The core behind Pensa Media's strong conviction is the belief that Internet holds the key to organizational success, worldwide. Effective Responses (Pensa media) becomes Google Premier SME Partner in Q2 & Google revenues up by 35% for Q2 2012.

PENSA MEDIA| Services|

PENSA MEDIA| Services|

Search engine Optimization

Most advertisers create websites is to be visible to potential stakeholders. These could range from potential customers, employees or partners. Thus SEO or Search Engine optimization is often the first step of any online promotion activity. Search Engines (SEs) are the perfect platform for reaching out to target audience groups when they are looking for a firm, absence of user queries that relate to a business in SEs makes the firm invisible and customer may not be able to reach what he is looking for and end result is no sales. Pensa media offer its services by creating SEO campaigns which helps client to make their presence on SEs Although the gestation periods before the results of an SEO campaign manifest themselves is a minimum of 1 month and can stretch up to 6 months. What is heartening is that efforts made at the start of the campaign will keep paying off even over a period of 1 year with minimal additional efforts. At Pensa Media, SEO team has successfully put many brands on the first page of SERPs in a few months time when they were not ranked anywhere to begin with.

Pay Per Click
SEO is a long-term strategy that involves a range of activities including on-site changes as well as offsite link submissions & content writing, press releases etc. On the other hand PPC which is much faster to set up & execute, serves as the proverbial shot in the arm, to be especially leveraged at times when advertisers want to step up their online promotion efforts instantly & by more than a few notches, for instance- at product launches, peak seasons, during certain offers they want to promote etc. Launching a PPC campaign on Google or any other SE doesn’t take more than a few hours in which time advertisers will see impressions, traffic, conversions happening on their websites. Pitch that versus traditional advertising mediums such as newspapers, TV, radio .PPC scores over traditional & the other forms of online media is cost involved (as the name suggests advertisers “pay per click” i.e. when a user has searched for their product, read their promotion message & felt excited enough about it to click on it & find out more on the website). Compare this with traditional media where advertisers pay for a fixed time slot, space etc, not knowing whether the eyeballs captured during these are even relevant, leave alone “interested”. The best advantage Pensa Media offers is that Google has duly scrutinized their PPC Operations & has recognized them as a Google Certified Partner. So clients can rest assured that they have the best talent using the best industry practices working on their PPC advertising program

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