Levels of the Managerial Communication Process

Topics: Communication, Message, Management Pages: 3 (1067 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Becoming a first time manager is an excellent goal and a great marker in a successful career. However it can also be a daunting task without a few tips to ease you into you new responsibilities. With careful observation, planning and a few pieces of advice, a good manager can become great manager. An important trait many great leaders have is being able to successfully communicate any message to a wide variety of people. They also have the ability to transcend work groups, culture, situations and subject.. Being able to relate to different direct reports is key to opening a two way channel of communication with a group. One of the first layers in successful communication is establishing an environment and culture that encourages it. Allowing open communication amongst each other fosters a cohesive and united environment. A good way a manager can reinforce that notion, would be to serve as the example. Walk around and meet with everyone in the group. This allows the manager to be accessible to everyone and in turn the manager can get to know the members of his or her group. Another suggestion would be to establish an open door policy. This will allow the flexibility to hold short meetings informally and encourage the flow of communication with each other. A good way to get to know the group better would be to setup a meeting with each individual. This allows a manager to get a back story on each group member, establish preferences in communication and find out if any cultural differences exist. This can also establish trust between a manager and an employee. Scheduling this meeting either bi-weekly or monthly allows the channel of communication between manager and subordinate to remain open. If at all possible, an important element in establishing an open environment is to physically setup the office in a way that allows for easy communication with each other. Having conference rooms available allows for group meetings and also provides private...
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