Levels of Self Disclosure Between Men and Women

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  • Published : September 18, 2010
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Self-disclosure comes in many forms. It can be accomplished verbally or non-verbally. I think the most common form of disclosure is through clothing. You can tell so much about a person by the way they dress. Another, more up to date, way is through social networking websites. I’ve found that these websites prove how differently men disclose themselves versus how women disclose themselves. The setting of where the disclosure is taking place also makes a huge difference in the level of disclosure. For instance, a couple of five years will have a higher and more even level of disclosure between each other, and two people that just met will have a low level of disclosure that will teeter-totter from one person to the next.

When first introducing yourself to someone, your level of disclosure will depend on who you are, your culture, your gender, who you are speaking to, and what the topic is about. Overall, I find that gender is the most defiant factor on the level of disclosure. Men have a tendency to put on a façade for their audience to impress people. Women let their thoughts and feelings be heard, and I believe that this is due to a long term of suppression that is no longer tolerated.

Partners have an even level of disclosure. They expect the same amount of disclosure from their partners as they are giving. When this does not happen, a relationship can fail. With an even level of disclosure, relationships can grow. Some grow for the good of the partnership, and some grow to the point that the disclosures revealed what they did not want and the relationship dwindles.
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