Levels of Language Proficiency

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Levels of Language Proficiency

Elementary to Limited Proficiency
* The first two levels of language proficiency deal with the absolute basics of the language. These levels are where speakers learn vocabulary and grammar, especially how to properly conjugate words and how to speak in the past, present and future tenses. By the time these two levels are completed students should have some basic grasp of the language, and they should be able to hold casual, relatively simple conversations about subjects with which they are familiar. At the upper end of limited proficiency, speakers should be able to communicate simple needs such as directions, food and everyday questions. Professional Proficiency

* In this level of language proficiency students move from attempting to memorize terms and vocabulary into the actual structure of the language. Students at this level are working on becoming conversationally fluent, and not only speaking but expressing themselves. Concepts of study become more abstract in during this level of learning, and matters of opinion and debate are more common. Additionally, during this time, students should begin to understand more complex forms of grammar as well as some of the cultural context that has formed the language to be what it currently is. Generally, as they progress through this level, students should be able to speak at a regular rate of speech and to use correct language on a level that would be good enough to get a job in a country where the foreign language is spoken.

Native or Bi-lingual
* The final level(s) represent the completion of learning a language and a student's total proficiency in it. Students who have mastered a language should be able to speak the language fluently and without hesitation. Students should also be able to grasp complicated ideas and to explain them with the same ability that they can in their native language. The ability to hold meaningful conversations on all levels and be...
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