Levels of Health Promotion

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  • Published : July 17, 2012
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Health promotion is the process of fostering awareness, influencing attitudes and identifying alternatives so that people can make informed choices and change behavior to achieve an optimal level of physical and mental health and improve their physical and social environments (Black and Hawk, 2005).Health Promotion Model also recognizes that interpersonal influences affect an individual’s behavior. Interpersonal influences, which include expectations significant others, the social support received, and observational learning, come from family, peers, and health care providers (Pender, Murdaugh, & Parsons, 2006). Two activities to promote health are: These are the behaviors nurses implement to achieve an optimal wellbeing of an individual or a group of people in a health care setting and beyond. Nursing as a health care profession that has the opportunity and goal to promote health that includes:

Health Education: Health education is a way of teaching people about health.I always found myself educating my patients on appropriate nutrition that enhances their recovering especially the diabetic and hypertensive patients. Hence diabetes is a chronic illness, education of the patient and family is essential .I educate them on blood glucose monitoring especially in insulin requiring diabetic patient preventing them from high risk of hypoglycemia, Instruction on foot care, patient who smoke to give up the habit since large vessel peripheral vascular disease and debilitating retinopathy are less common in nonsmoking diabetic patient.

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