Level of Satisfaction Among the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Students Using Library Facilities

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To reach the aim of attending library among the sudents of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UTM,surveys are conducted by randomly giving questionnaries to the students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UTM.The questions focused on their level of satisfactions using library facilities comparing between male and female students. The questionnaires will create a clear and wideunderstanding of the issue. By focusing on that, real situation indentified and related to theglobal issue of usage of library facilities. We are hoping that this report can convey an adequate analysis and information thatcan guide us or relevant parties in attending a library and using its facilities especially among studentsof Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UTM and generally to the people of Malaysia.

1.1Background of the Problem
This study is specially focus on level of satisfaction among students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UTM. Thereport provided informations on different kinds. This report also contain part of the question that will be answered by the students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering about a week.

1.2Statement of the Problem
We aware that attending library among students is getting decrease in tandem withtime. Actually we already know that the importance of the library and its facilities among student cannot be separated. The function of library with student is similar due to the centre of information and knowledge. Due to the library research, it can be measured how far the utilization of a library as a place for developing a self-working such as:

2.3.1. Doing assignments
2.3.2. Doing thesis
2.3.3. Group discussion
2.3.4. Group meeting
2.3.5. Lend a book, journal, and thesis

We want to evaluate how far the effectiveness of a library as a centre of developing self-skills. By this study, we can see if the students of FME use a library as a centre of developing skills as we stated above. 1.3Purpose of the Research

This study identified level of satisfaction among Faculty of Mechanical Engineering using library facilities. But firstly we will make sure are they ever attending library or not. We will separate the people who are attending or nor attending the library first. Because of this, we want to make our study easier and they will give the cooperation perfectly. After we are arranging the students whom attending the library, we will identify are they using the library facilities or not. We are also want to compare between male and female students whom satisfying using library facilities.

1.4Objectives of the Study

1.4.1To evaluate the level of services provided by librarians between male and female. 1.4.2To evaluate the level of facilities obtain provided by the library. 1.4.3To evaluate the resources achieved by the library correspond to the students. 1.4.4To find what are the factors that can attract students to attend a library. It can be many factors of attraction to come and use library facilities as well.

1.5Research Questions
In our questionnaire, we will divide a question into 3 parts: 1.5.1Customer Services.

1.6Significance of the Study

Findings of the study provided us the information about the importance of using library facilities among students. With this study, it will be improved the level of services provided by librarian. Besides that, the facilities in the library can be added if there was lack of what it should have. In addition, the resources in the library should be increased due of the demanding from students and make it easier to them for lending.

The sample for this study is 30 students from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UTM that randomly selectedwhom attending Faculty of Mechanical Engineering library also UTM main library, Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah (PSZ).We will divide into 15 male and 15 female students....
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