Level of Preparedness

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Student Cognitive Preparation for Success

Cognitive preparation
Is very important and is the key to success. You may wonder some kids work less and score higher. It is because their cognitive level is higher. Your child’s level can be higher to if you do your homework at home, school or community. I cannot promise to make it to top level but 13 years of education experience I am sure it will increase.

What is Cognitive Preparation for Students?
Cognitive preparation is the list of activities to prepare learners to increase cognitive learning when they go through a certain learning process and prevent possible barriers that would block from them. When you prepare your child as a parent, the learning process will be faster. What is my “to do list” as a parent?

There are three "to do list" categories to prepare your child cognitively as a parent

The most important to do list is to motivate your child about new school year. The motivation is usually verbal but the most important action would be the selection of your child’s favorite things to do in school. One of most popular one is the selection of clubs or extracurricular. Please work very closely with your child on club, team, and activity selection process Know your club or organization sponsor teacher, staff or volunteer and get their contact information Have a to do list on the expectations and make sure these are what your child needs The clubs like future city design, lego robotics, science olympiad, chess are both entertaining and improve cognitive capacity so much. They can also be very difficult and your child may end up being in last place on a possible competition ranking. The contribution to cognitive preparation may be great but if you have loss of motivation concerns you may want to choose a club that has no worries of competition for example change ( after discussing with your child) chess to video design club where everyone prepares their own movies. So many below level,...
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