Level of Knowledge and Skills in Part-Time Jobs

Topics: Part-time, Full-time, Part-time employment Pages: 15 (3831 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Part-time employment has been publicly praised as a tool for promoting market flexibility and reorganizing working time, for family policy and for redistributing existing employment. For employers, a part-time option can permit greater flexibility in responding to market requirements by increasing capacity or extending opening hours. Working part-time may offer the chance of a better balance between working life and other activities such as family responsibilities, training, leisure or civic activities, as well as making it easier to enter the labor market or retire from employment. The growth of part-time work may reduce the number of job-seekers (Ilo, 1997). Further, Gasparini et al, (2000) this is the rise in the rate of part-time work relative to full-time employment due to intensification of international competition, new production methods and forms of organization, increased unemployment, rising female participation rates and more diverse working-time demands from the workforce all contribute to this increase (Fagan, 2003). Indeed, the employment guidelines and recommendations explicitly encourage the social partners and public authorities to foster the development of part-time work and other flexible working arrangements as a means of modernizing the organization of work. According to the European Framework Agreement on part-time work, concluded in 1997 among the European social partners, the term ‘part-time worker’ refers to ‘‘an employee whose normal hours of work, calculated on a weekly basis or on average over a period of employment of up to one year, are less than the normal hours of work of a comparable full-time worker. The term part-time worker defined as any employed person whose normal hours of work are less than those of comparable full-time workers. The reason both cases mention the concept of a comparable worker is due to the fact that the number of hours per week or per month that are regarded as being normal for full-time employees vary considerably according to the profession or activity concerned (Ilo, 1992). Both definitions serve to identify the part-time workers category on a legal basis, so these workers can be covered by the legislation governing part-time work. It is also worth underlining that part-time work may cover different forms of employment, such as job-sharing, combining work with training (Vielle and Walthery, 2003). Part-time job can be used in reference to a student (usually in higher education) who takes only a few courses, rather than a full load of coursework each semester. Nowadays every youngster need some amount of money for their personal needs, so they have an great way of earning by doing some hours work which is commonly called part time job, partly working and partly studying. As they see many college youngsters are attracted toward part time job, since their pocket money are now insufficient as it is becoming hard for parents to afford their expenses on their child like dinner treats and parties. These things might not so important but for college student this is as important as studies. In surigao City , there are some business students having a part time job which give them experience and knowledge about the working environment. They become more independent from their parents; however, they also meet challenges in terms in time management and cash management. By doing this research, the researchers will be able to be aware and know the benefits of having a part time job in obtaining knowledge and skills for the future convenience. Thus, the researcher attempted to find out the level of business knowledge and skills from the part-time job in which they were engaging with.

Review of Related Literature
This portion of the study reviews books, electronic sources and other literature which have direct bearing in the present study. They are classified as to foreign and local sources. Part time job
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