Level of Awareness on Domestic Violence

Topics: Domestic violence, Child abuse, Violence Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: August 11, 2008
Concept Literature

In the Republic Act 9262, the term domestic violence refers to violence between adult intimate partners. However, in this study, domestic violence may mean violence towards a child. It is the maltreatment, whether habitual or not, of the child (Republic Act 7610). It includes psychological, emotional, sexual and economic maltreatment. Accounts of domestic violence have increased in recent years. It can have different forms including physical abuse, physical neglect, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect (Kozier, 2004). Today, the cost to children and to society of children’s exposure to domestic violence is enormous (Carter, 1999). Every child is exposed to a various degree of violence depending on its kind. Such children coming from the poor families are more likely to be affected. In fact, many families in which domestic violence are present suffer from lack of financial support to support to sustain them every day, thus provoking them to be stressed and cause trouble. Furthermore, it was postulated on Bowen’s concept of family emotional system that describes four basic relationship patterns that govern where problems develop in a family and the level of tension depends on the stress a family encounters, how a family adapts to the stress, and on a family's connection with extended family and social networks. Tension increases the activity of one or more of the four relationship patterns which are the marital conflict, dysfunction in one spouse, impairment of one or more children and lastly the motional distance. Our study was afflicted with the impairment of one or more children that when a mother or father gives more emphasis to the child then the child become more anxious to them thus aggravating the fair to communicate and the parents become vulnerable the do some negative actions towards the helpless child. The basic relationship patterns result in family tensions coming to rest in certain parts of the family. The more anxiety...
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