Level of Awareness in Solid Waste Management in Asia

Topics: Waste management, Waste, Hazardous waste Pages: 76 (17799 words) Published: January 27, 2012
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The WorldBankis committed knowledgesharingwhichinvolvesnot only the Bank's to communities practiceand their partners,but the entire development of community. processof A knowledge management essentialto makesense out of and act upon the vast quantitiesof is information available today.Still in the earlystagesof implementation, knowledge management is expectedto changethe internaloperationof the WorldBankand transformthe organization's relationships with externalclients,partnersand stakeholders, becominga key way of doing businessin the 21stCentury. Giventhe speedof globalchangeand the value of learningfromongoingactivities, Urban the Development Divisionand GlobalUrbanPartnership the WorldBankare committed of to communicating resultsof the Bank'surbanworkto the development the communityas quickly and clearlyas possible. Towardthat end, this informalor 'gray paper'series is publishedin print, with abstracts furnishedon-lineat www.worldbank.org. The Urbanand LocalGovernment WorkingPapersSeriespresentscurrentresearch,policies and tools underdevelopment the Bankon a broadrangeof development by issuesand practices in the urbandevelopment local governance and field. These papersreflectwork-in-progress, and somemay appearin theirfinal form at a later date as publications underthe Bank'sofficial TechnicalPaperSeries. The Urbanand Local Government WorkingPapersSeriesis gearedto a technicalaudienceand is intendedto aid the work and improvethe resultsof both Bankand nonBanktechniciansand practitioners workingin this field.

AngelaGriffin UrbanSectorManager

Tim Campbel GlobalUrbanPartnership

UrbanDevelopment Division Transportation, Waterand UrbanDevelopment Department Finance,PrivateSectorand Infrastructure Network The WorldBank


Cover: Wastepickers workingat Carmonalandfill, Philippines. Photoby Lars MikkelJohannessen

What a Waste: Solid Waste Management
in Asia
May 1999

Urban Development Sector Unit East Asia and Pacific Region

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