Level 3 in Child Care

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A) Welfare Requirements
W1: Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare
W1.1: The provider must take necessary steps to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in the setting.

1) What dose safeguarding children’s mean?
Safeguarding the children is my responsibility as being a registered childminder give me a legal responsibility to be able to safeguard the child/ren in my care in line with procedure laid out in LONDON CHILD PROTECTION PROCEDURE 3RD EDITION. I will play my part in helping the child and their family’s getting the support and help they need. When I see any unexplained injuries or any signs of symptoms of child abuse and see that the child is at risk I will make a referral to the REDBRIDG CHILD PROTECTION ASSESSMENT TEAM. 2) What information will you need to gain from parents before you start caring for a child? * Child’s name

* Child’s Date of birth
* Child’s special dietary requirements
* Language spoken at home
* Health Information
* Doctor/GP Details
* Details of who the child usually lives with
* Who has parental responsibility for the child
* Who has legal contact with the child
* Who may collect the child
* Emergency contact numbers
* What are the child’s likes and dislikes
* If the child has behaviour problem
* Adders of child resident
* Habits
Need to build a good relationship with the child and the parent from the first time we meet each other. I do understand the needs of the parent’s and child. I do have the understanding of recorded confidentiality of all child records. The records must be kept in a safe place at all times and I must not use the information given by the parents with anyone else without permission for the parents. Would need written permission from the parents. 2a) How will you ensure information remain confidential?

Being a childminder it is down to me to make sure that I will keep all information confidential that is relating to the child but will share it with social services and Ofsted as well as the police if requested. 3) How will you keep children safe indoors, outdoors and on outings? How will you enable children to become independent and still keep themselves safe? Make sure there are no strangers that the child/ren do not now in and around the areas that we are using. Keep all child/ren close by me when out and about. Indoors – I will make sure all the premises, environment and all equipment is in safe and using condition. Outdoors- If we are going to the park I will have badges on the child/ren with the name of my setting and the phone number on them. Make sure the area that the child/ren are playing at is clear of any needless glass alcohol and drugs most of all any strangers that look like up to no good. I will ensure that I will do role play with the child/ren to teach them how to make them safer and independent at the same time by playing games and doing safety activities with the child/ren makes the child more confident and safe themselves. 4) What are the possible signs/symptoms of child abuse or neglect? What would you do if you suspected a child was being abused? Who should you contact/ share this information with? * Children are most likely to be abused by adults whom they now and trust and most abusing children is done by a men the women dose between 5/10 per. * The signs and symptoms to look out for are unexplained injuries, burses mark’s burns with hot water and cigarette burn’s rope mark’s bit mark’s also injuries that are on parts of the body where accidental injuries are unlikely are on the cheeks, chest and thighs. * Broken bones most of all in children under the age of 2 years. * Behavioural sings flinching when approached or touched the child. * When a child is all covered up in clothes that are not appropriate for the weather e.g. it may be very hot and child dressed in...
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