Level 3, Cyp 3.1

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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3, CYP Core 3.1

Assessment task:Understand child and young person development

Task 1: Assessment criteria 1.1

Age| Physical| Communication| Intellectual/cognitive| Social, emotional & Behavioural| 0-6 months| Reflexes, turns head, hands tightly closed, reacts to sounds, turn from side to back, arm and leg movements jerky, gaze attentively at carer, plays with his/her own fingers, everything starts to be taken to mouth, rolls from back to side, reach for objects.| Cry when hungry or distressed, makes eye contact, moves eyes to direction of sound, makes cooing and gurgling noises, cries become more expressive, sucks or licks lips at sound of food preparation, baby listens closely to high pitched tone, baby begins to laugh and squeal with pleasure.| Feel pain, sensitive to touch, likes sweet tastes ie breast milk, baby will turn to smell of breast, focus on objects, sensitive to light, imitate facial expressions, can imitate high or low pitched sounds, baby links objects to sounds ie mothers voice and her face, knows smell of his/her mother to other mothers, grasp rattle, can recognise favourite tastes in food.| First smile to carer is usually 5-6 weeks, baby uses movements to express pleasure at bathtime or being fed, enjoys feeding and cuddling, enjoys sucking, turns to preferred persons voice, stop crying when sees or hears carer, baby fixes his/her eyes on carer when feeding, stays awake for longer periods of time, trust and security, recognisable sleep patterns.| 6-12 months| Roll from front to back, attempt to crawl, put feet in mouth, cruise around furniture, very alert, pincer grasp, transfer toys from one hand to the other, everything is explored by putting in mouth, start crawling, bum shuffling and even walking, sit up and lean forward, bounce to music, poke with one finger, can throw toys deliberately, can manage finger foods well.| Can understand up and down and will raise finger using appropriate gestures, repeats sounds,...
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