Level 2 Children & Young People's Workforce

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At my place of work Dulwich Montessori Nursery School, we communicate for different reasons these reasons are:

* To portray their feelings, emotions, pains, opinions etc. * It is important within a childcare environment that information’s are recorded, as it may be called upon for legal reasons. * Transferring information this is when we have to write notes or reports for others to read. * Improve learning is when we observe the children and see how they a getting on with different types of activities. * To express our selves is to be able to have effective communications with the children, parents and colleagues. * Build relationship when in the work setting, you need to be able to work and build a relationship with the children and your colleagues. * To retrieve information is getting information from the computer.


At Dulwich Montessori Nursery School communication plays an important role because it at the heart of everything that we do. Effective communication makes the day to day running of the centre smooth because we always have to make sure our language is simple to understand. We need to come down to child’s level, with a low tone of voice and watch out for their response. Documents should be clearly written for other parties to understand. Communication between colleagues is essential so that it ensures a continuity of care. Communication are confidential, and on a need to know basis.

Effective communication is essential especially if a child is seriously ill and needs medical attention, and you need to call an ambulance. When the ambulance arrives, you need to give the paramedics the correct information as to what they might ask and also the incident has to be recorded in the incident book. This is so that other colleagues will be aware of what happened.

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