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Assignment 1: Globalization Strategy
Levendary Café – The China Challenge

1.What is your evaluation of the way Levendary entered the China market?

Component of Strategy
         Domestic growth was slowing.
China’s urban population rose, and a strong middle class emerged.          Successful case:KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut’s China          Levendary China : “Volume” Expand sales          Branding in emerging markets

         Flexible store development, and adapt the menu

         Connect with Chinese youth
         Urban area in China
         Organic, healthy, and tasty food
         Brand awareness
         Store brand to have a feeling of more luxury          Strategic selection according to the situation of the local distribution structure and competition
         Joint venture with an established Chinese operator          The presence of Chen

上記のように、Levendaryが得意とするターゲット層が中国に置いて拡大しており、 目的は合致しているが、その他の“how to make money” “forcus” “product” “distribution”などは、 Regulationが明示されておらず、極めてChenの個人的力量や経験、人脈に依存していたことがわかる。 従って、
上記どの戦略をとるか意思決定されていない。 少なくとも、
上記二点をより詳細に検討した上で、中国市場参入のためのタスクフォースを立ち上げ、 プロジェクトを推進すべきであった。

2.What changes (if any) should Mia Foster should make? Specifically, should she do about Louis Chen? And, what changes (if any) would you propose at headquarters?

Foster should make change for -
Identified issue
Development of Levendary’s brand in the Chinese market
Therefore, Establishing good headquarters-subsidiary relationship -attached problem
 Foster’s Leadership
 Wall street assessment of Foster

Foster should have a conversation with Chen about -
-Succes case of KFC(Partial adaptation)
-Facts & figures
-Team for Chen
-Motivation and recognition

headquarters-subsidiary relationship...
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